Tarragona's Roman Treasure

Tarragona is a city in the south of Catalonia, with a history stretching back thousands of years. It was a major city of the Roman Empire, and its streets bear witness to this ancient civilization’s great heritage. Its sites, statues, stones and buildings have been declared a World Heritage Site.

A walk through this welcoming Mediterranean city is a way of rediscovering the past.

Tarragona lies only 90 kilometers south of Barcelona. Its many artistic and cultural treasures make it a huge open-air museum, notable above all for its Roman remains. The ancient city of Tarraco was founded in 218 B.C., but its golden age begun in the year 26 B.C., when the Emperor Augustus moved there.

Tarragona, capital of Hispania Citerior during the Roman empire, preserves many buildings from this period. The walls surrounding the historic center were built in the 3rd century BC., although they were altered in the medieval period. Beside the sea stand the terraces of the Roman amphitheater which, in its day, (2nd C.), had capacity for more than 12,000 people. Here they attended combats between gladiators and wild animals.

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