Tête à tête over tea with Equinox Travel India

Tea has become an essential part of the daily life of most Indians. While the concept of high tea might have been introduced in 17th Century England, Indians have taken to keeping the tradition alive far from the prim tea rooms but at every street corner. These have over years become centers where people meet to discuss things ranging from trivial mundane things to great political discussions. So popular is this activity that it was also started by the prime minister for the general public to state their grievances.

Equinox Travel offers you an exclusive opportunity to have a similar experience. An opportunity to interact with one of India's leading journalists Ms Maya Mirchadani. The topics can range from a take on secularism in contemporary India to comparison on government policies between two countries. All this over a cup of steaming hot Chai (Indian tea) at Latitude Restaurant in the chic Khan market where we have created a high tea menu just for you.

We can also customize this experience and organize a meeting with a professional in your field of interest to help you gain a perspective on a particular sector in India.

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