Save the Amazon Rain Forest with Enigma Peru

In the last twenty days we have all witnessed the fire outbreak in the Brazilian and Bolivian Amazon. Extensive areas of forest are consumed by fire leaving a bleak panorama not only for those who inhabit the Amazon, but for the entire world.

Does this happen throughout the Amazon? No, what we have all seen in the news occurs mainly in parts of the Brazilian Amazon. It is important to know that the great Amazon with its almost 1.4 billion acres extends to 10 countries in South America: Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname in order of extension.

What causes the Amazon fires? A fire outbreak in the humid Amazon rainforest has an anthropic origin and occur frequently in the Amazon.

It is not new that the intensive raising of cattle in immense pastures of grasslands and the great crops of agricultural products like the soybean, the oil palm, among others; They are sweeping the Amazon. Every year, huge areas of forest are predated with the intention of expanding production.

The “Amazonian summer” season (between July and September) is the time when the forest is less humid due to the decrease in the frequency of rainfall. This is the time used to expand crops and pastures. How is it done? Through the rubbing of the forest and burning. Usually the sporadic rains of the season lessen fires, however, global climate change has unmissable effects in the Amazon. The decrease or even the absence of rains in certain territories, make it virtually impossible to have control over the fire where the branches and roots are intertwined. This happens on thousands of acres in countries like Brazil and at the same time. There were certain restrictions on the practice of rubbing and burning before, but now some industries eager to expand are being strongly promoted by the government policies.

Does Amazon fire occur in Peru?

In the Peruvian Amazon, the rubbing and burning of the forest is also practiced, but on a much smaller scale because production levels have not reached that “development”. The fires we are seeing in the news have not reached the Peruvian jungle.

However, the Peruvian Ministry of Environment has been implementing follow-up and monitoring actions to prevent fires from spreading to Peruvian territory. Likewise, air quality evaluations have been carried out in Madre de Dios, the results of which indicate that the fires that occur in Brazil and in certain parts of the Bolivian Amazon have not affected air quality locally.

Can the fire of Brazil and Bolivia affect the Tambopata National Reserve? The Brazilian forest fire is located in the states of Amazonas and Acre at 697 miles and 300 miles respectively of the Tambopata National Reserve (at a similar distance between New York and South Carolina) so it does not directly affect the Reserve Tambopata National

What can we do? Help us save the Amazon. *Mrs. Organizations such as the Rainforest Action Network, Amazon Watch, and Rainforest Alliance are receiving donations to mitigate fire and effects on local communities

Support us with daily practices such as:

1. Reduce your consumption of meat from the Amazon rainforest usually sold through fast-food. 2. Reduce the use of paper or wood, and buy certified products 3. Help protect forest wildlife through WWF 4. Be a responsible traveler. Research, learn, participate in the practices and activities of tour operators that promote the protection of the forest and local communities through science and conservation

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