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Sant Pere de Rodes with Destination Spain

If there is one adjective that fits the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes like a glove, then it's “majestic”. It certainly fits the description, standing out for its solemnity and elegance and worth experiencing with Destination Spain. This 10th century Benedictine monastery overlooks the Cap de Creus Natural Park from the highest point of El Port de la Selva. Declared a cultural site of national interest, the complex is one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in Girona, the most noteworthy elements being the church, the bell tower and the defense tower.

Since its construction in the 10th century the monastery has seen it all: centuries of splendor (when it controlled territories on both sides of the Pyrenees) followed by a period of decadence from the end of the 17th century, with constant sackings, etc., and now happier times as one of the key tourist attractions of the Costa Brava.

Where land meets sea, Cadaqués is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking towns along the Catalan coast. Its rocky coast, fringed by beautiful beaches and quiet coves, forms one of its main attractions, together with the incredible landscape offered by the Cap de Creus Natural Park. At the head of Cadaqués bay is its historic quarter, with a Mediterranean air and deep seaside flavor. The source of inspiration for internationally famous painters and artists for decades. Today this center enjoys an intense cultural life, as witnessed by its many museums and art galleries, among which the Salvador Dalí House-Museum is outstanding.

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