Reservatauro, the kingdom of bulls & horses with Destination Spain

RESERVATAURO RONDA is a breeding farm of fighting bulls and pure Spanish horses, located in the Nature Park of “Sierra de las Nieves”, 5 km away from well-known Ronda, and declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.

Reservatauro Ronda is a Natural Park. The dehesa (wooded pastureland), dotted with centenary holm oaks, serves as setting to the breeding of the bravest of its dwellers: the fighting bull. You can enjoy observing within a short distance all the stages of the fighting bull breeding and selection: the breeding stock cows, the powerful stallion; the calves, the young bulls; and finally, the bull.

Reservatauro Ronda also offers the visitor the chance to get to know the breeding of the Pure Spanish Horse, not to mention the presence, sometimes imperceptible, of a whole cast of fauna and flora that surprises everyone who approaches this wonderful sight of Nature.

Rafael Tejada, “Torero” (bullfighter), is the owner of Reservatauro. His story is quite unique and singular. His passion for bullfighting dated back to his childhood, but he didn’t have the opportunity back then to pursuit this calling at the same age as the rest of bullfighters take the first steps in this art. Rafael spent that time as any other child, in school and following his studies to University, where he obtained a degree Engineering by the Polytechnic University in Madrid. He made a living at first as a Civil Engineer and for a number of years he developed with great success his work in real estate businesses.

His vocation continued to grow year after year, until 2008, when it became unbearable and Rafael decided to take a U-turn, leaving everything behind to pursuit his real passion: the bull.

We can discover Reservatauro three ways:

1. TheMediterraneanpastureland(dehesa):

We get to know the breeding of the Fighting bull and the Andalusian Horse in their natural habitat and visit the testing bullring, the pens, the stables and the round pen.

2. Amongbullsandhorses

This visit allows us to enjoy, from a close distance, the fighting bull and its calves as well as the pure Andalusian horses grazing free. This is experiencing the real everyday live in the Mediterranean pastureland.

3. Withthefivesenses

The point here is to get to know the care and secrets of the breeding and selection of the fighting bull, sharing the daily tasks by the hand of professionals. A unique opportunity to participate in this marvel of nature. And to round off the visit, some wine from Ronda and appetizers with Iberian Ham and other pork products, so that both your taste and sense of smell share prominence with the sight, touch and hearing in an unforgettable experience.

Reservatauro is a magic place, the result of a personal project and the passion and love of Rafael Tejada for bulls and horses. The magic of Reservatauro is the proximity you’ll get to the fighting bulls and horses in their habitat, which in turn, is a wonderful natural, unique and fully Mediterranean site.

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