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Private Jet with We Plan Morocco

We Plan Morocco, our DMC partner introduces the G450 that can reach NYC or Mexico City from Marrakech! The new jetex private terminal (they invested 6million $ in this terminal ) guarantees flight authorizations to Morocco by way direct access to the owner (therefore able to give better rates that the operator). This 14 passenger plane is home based in Rabat, Morocco and has a luggage volume of 4.79 m³, Normal Range of 4100 nm and Max Range of 4350 nm with a Service Ceiling of 45000 ft. Takeoff Distance: is 5600 ft, Balanced Field Length is 5770 ft and Landing Distance is 3260 ft, and a few other features:

• 14 seats in total : 8 + 6 (4 beds) sleeping places

• Cabin crew

• Hot meal

• Wireless internet

• Satellite phone

• Entertainment system

• Lavatory

• Entry and landing permits

• Executive lounge

• Flight planning, weather briefing and NOTAMs

• Fuel arrangements

• Full dispatch package

• Ground handling and GSE services

• Helicopter-friendly

• Multilingual staff

• Private car parking facilities

• Security services

We Plan Morocco has over 10 years experience in luxury travel in Moroccan experiences, the finest network of suppliers in the country, and a passionate team with the most prestigious international references!

Contact or by phone 1-212-752-1416 or WhatsApp 1-917-940-2407

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