Mobile Camping safaris with Travel Wild Africa

Mobile camping safaris allow one to get off the beaten track, closer to nature and really be part of it. Mobile safaris tend to be best if at least 3 nights are spent in each location. A nice option can be to combine a camping and lodge trip where you camp for a few days and then stay at a lodge. The safaris are offered in various different comfort levels, although the standards of camp tend to be high. Options include semi-participation (where client basically only pitches his/her tent) and luxury mobile safaris offering the finest tented camping experience imaginable. Flush loos, showers and 5 star catering (including ice) are all provided for. There are some companies that run scheduled trips that clients can book onto- these are the perfect camping experience for individuals or couples looking to join up with other guests. Or there are tailor-made trips to suit length of time, interests, budget and size of group that you want. Tailor-made safaris tend to be expensive if there are only one or two clients but on the other hand can be quite reasonable for a larger group of say 6-8 people. The unique safari experience of a mobile safari, whether scheduled or tailor made - allows guests to have their own personal guide and safari team for the duration of the trip.

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