Introducing Galavanta Colombia, our newest addition!


Galavanta is a private travel destination management company –DMC– in Colombia, specialized in gastronomy, art, culture, nature and adventure. With an office in Cartagena, and operations in Colombia’s top destinations, our team is able to truly personalize each traveller’s journey, with ‘ungoogleable’ experiences that go beyond the ordinary. We thrive on being creative, pushing boundaries, and traveling to far-flung parts of Colombia, to uncover new and epic experiences.

The essence of Galavanta is in the creativity and passion of our team, our partners/providers, and the captivating people we work with across the country. Hosts who  welcome travellers like family; chefs that go above and beyond to personalise a guest’s menu; guides and experts that show off their region with excitement and pride.

Luxury travel in Colombia is beyond the five-star hotel. Luxury travel in Colombia is meeting fascinating locals, getting insider access, going beyond the tourist trail, and immersing in a destination’s culture.


  • Absolute customization of each client’s itinerary.

  • Network of passionate and captivating experts and partners

  • Creative and "ungoogleable" experiences designed in-house

  • Preferential access to top boutique hotels.

  • Private villas with personal chef, English-speaking staff

  • Private aviation services, helicopter expeditions, and yachting journeys

  • Complete restaurant curation and reservation management, tailored to each traveler’s preferences.  

  • Thorough logistics team with a multiple-reconfirmation process, 24/7 concierge services, and full-time communication with travelers and agents, to ensure a seamless operation.

  • Promote conscious travel with carbon balancing projects, minimizing use of plastic, implementing sustainable practices, and generating positive impact in communities.

  • Quotes available in NET pricing or comissionable pricing, with option of price breakdowns. 

Meet the founders:

Christina Consuegra & Alexis Pradie