Ibérico Ham For The Demanding Palate

There are thousands of reasons to sample a good Iberian ham: its intense flavor, its pleasant texture, its enticing aroma, the sensation it produces on the palate, the way it makes you crave for more.

What is more, it is healthy and has become the image of traditional Spanish gastronomy. If you have never tried Iberian ham, you haven’t tried ham. Give your palate a gourmet treat and enjoy Iberian ham here in Spain. Spain has delicious gastronomy, and this is even more true if you are eating ham.

The excellent quality of Iberian ham is the result of a strict, painstaking production process. This detailed process starts in the fields where the pigs are reared and reaches its long-awaited finale after being cut and served on the plate. To enjoy its flavor to the full, it should be cut in thin slices, not too long. Ideal to appreciate its color, feel its texture on the mouth, and to enjoy its flavor. This is why in Spain, cutting of ham is considered an art.

Iberian ham comes from the Iberian pig, which is reared in liberty in true natural surroundings: the “Dehesas”. These are special areas of countryside to be found in several regions of Spain. If you visit them you will have the chance to see the entire ham production process, including aging, when the legs are dried to achieve the characteristic flavor of the Iberian product.

We would recommend you explore the world of Iberian ham with its four designations of origin: la Dehesa de Extremadura, Guijuelo, Jamón de Huelva and Los Pedroches, which are to be found in the Regions of Andalusia, Extremadura and Castile-León.

These are just the most important places where Iberian ham is produced. You can sample it all over Spain, because it could well be said that the taste of Iberian ham is the “taste of Spain”.

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