Gastronomy in Croatia with Leonidas Travel

Once again Croatia has found its place on the world rankings and this time in the segment of fantastic and undiscovered gastronomy, and our DMC Leonidas Travel can curate a trip of a lifetime for you to experience the sumptious cuisine Craotia is famous for!

Croatia Ranks 4th in Undiscovered Gastronomic Destinations in World!

"Croatia has become a really popular place to holiday over the last few years. And who can blame all those holidaymakers for reaching for pristine Adriatic waters, spectacular beaches, sublime Mediterranean climate, atmospheric Roman ruins, incredible national parks, and soaring mountains… Have I mentioned the food yet? And maybe that’s why it’s an underrated foodie destination – the country has so much going for it, the food has to fight for attention," they say from Chef's Pencil about the Croatian cuisine, noting that it's hard to pinpoint it as it varies from region to region.

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