Galicia with Destination Spain and shellfishing

Quinta San Amaro

  • Breakfast in the hotel.

  • Morning devoted to “live” by the anglers, first with the “mariscadoras” (shellfish workers) and then on a boat ride following the anglers’ fishing boats.

  • In the afternoon, cooking workshop with the chef of the hotel.

  • Dinner (perhaps no need for it…).

The shellfish workers of the area work the clam, the razor and the cockle during the low tide. Cambados, O Grove and the Island of Arousa are three locations, very close to the hotel, where you will be able to learn and practice the picking of shellfish as the “mariscadoras” do. Observe their peculiar work, and appreciate the hardness of a work that results in the product that gives us so much satisfaction at the table.

Shell fish workers (mariscadoras) at work, when sea tide is low.

Second step today is to learn about the higher fishing practice by the anglers. We will do this from a boat that follows the anglers in their job.

And for the afternoon, the cooking workshop: from the sea to the table!!

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