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Galicia with Destination Spain

Destination Spain takes you to the north of Spain, in the region of Galicia, and more specifically in the Ribeira Sacra nature area (between Orense and Lugo). Here you'll find some enchanting mediaeval monasteries hidden among the mountains. So you don't miss the best views of the rolling landscapes carved out by the rivers Sil and Miño, there are plenty of designated viewing points: Los Balcones de Madrid, O Boqueiriño, La Cividade, El Duque and Cabo do Mundo. Some stand at an altitude of 500 meters. If you look closely you mayeven be able to see some water nymphs...

There are places where time seems to stand still, where you could gaze at the horizon for hours, completely oblivious to everything around you. That's the experience you'll have at these viewing points which are so definitely worth a visit –and for which you'll want to stop the car or go up a mountain. We've drawn up a shortlist of some of the viewing points which, by common consensus, are among the most beautiful in Spain. Get your camera, but above all, open your eyes, because these are views to take in when you travel with Destination Spain!



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