Galavanta Colombia and the Corocora Camp

Corocora is a luxury tent camp located in the wetland savannas of Los Llanos, one of the regions with the highest concentration of wildlife in Columbia, and Galavanta Colombia, our DMC partner can curate the perfect itinerary to experience it all! Designed to offer superior comfort and service and a remote nature reserve, the camp is an ideal getaway for those in search of wildlife, nature, culture and adventure.

Wildlife & Birdwatching

Alongside an English-speaking scientific guide and a local llanero cowboy with empirical knowledge of wildlife in Colombia, go in search of giant anteaters, caimans, howler monkeys, pumas, and over 270 species of birds.


Experience life of a working cattle ranch alongside the local llaneros or Colombian cowboys, whose distinctive work chants were declared a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.


Spend your days horseback riding, tracking wildlife on 4×4 vehicles, helicopter expeditions, birdwatching, canoeing, fishing piranhas, taking nature walks, and experiencing the culture of a working cattle ranch alongside llanero cowboys.

Gastronomy Corocora Camp offers an outstanding gastronomic experience, focused on locally sourced products and traditional techniques with a gourmet twist to showcase the best of Colombian cuisine.

Personalised Service Our team goes above and beyond to personalise each guest’s experience. Whether it’s a family, a couple or a solo traveller, we make sure all guests feel at home and we treat them like an extension of our family. As most of our guests say, the best part of Corocora is the people!

Conservation Corocora Camp is an accommodation model that funds conservation projects to protect vulnerable wildlife in Colombia, by working with local foundations and communities, implementing sustainable practices and collaborating in research projects. Sustainability With the use of solar panels, water filtration systems, compost and recycling programs, and biodegradable, lightweight materials, the campsite has a minimal use of plastic and waste, and reduced impact on the environment.

Luxury travel in Colombia is beyond the five-star hotel. Luxury travel in Colombia is meeting fascinating locals, getting insider access, going beyond the tourist trail, and immersing in a destination’s culture. For more details

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