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Find Your Oasis In Peru

Huacachina Oasis

The first thing that comes to mind when most people hear Peru is Machu Picchu and/or the Inca Trail. And while those two sites are really incredible, there are over a million square kilometers in Peru with everything from beaches to Amazon rainforest, and a number of other ruins that are also beautiful.

In the southwest part of Peru, in a small village named Ica, is a desert oasis that is the perfect place to relax. Large sand dunes conceal the oasis that is home to a mere 100 people. Visitors venture to this location for a quiet retreat in the middle of the desert. Many come to sandboard the 500 meter high sand dunes or drive buggies around the surrounding desert. Legend has it that an Incan princess was bathing naked and was discovered by a hunter causing her to flee. It is said that the mirror she left behind became the lake and her clothes formed the surrounding dunes. The muds of the lake are also said to have healing powers, and many wealthy Peruvians flocked to the lake in the 1900s to take advantage of this oasis.

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