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Dance like a God

Tanjore has been a hub of much culture in this region. A long period of economic prosperity and a stable political power allowed the arts to flourish and gain new heights in this region. One such artform is Bharatnatyam. Bharatnatyam is a classical dance from that replicates the Tandava, dance of the supreme deity Shiva. Once a sacred danceform that was only performed in the inner sanctum sactorium of temples to appease the deities. To introduce you to this art form we present an intimate performance with a professional dancer. We start with a small pooja ceremony. The best place to experience this is in a temple which is adorned with the 11th century statues depicting the art form.

The Dancer will explain the finer nuances of Bharatanatyam. Explain how it is not just a dance form but a part a larger fabric that combines, music, dance, spirituality and tradition. This could also throw some light on the age old Guru-Shishya (student-teacher) tradition.

For someone who wishes to delve deeper in the subject of dance teraditions in India we can also organise visit to diferent institutes where students learn these ancient art forms.

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