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Equinox India Delhi Me- Delhi-tation

Established in 1979 the Tushitameditation centrewas set up for the preservation of Mahayana tradition of Buddhism. In the meditation sessions the students are guided in doing analytical meditations on various topics . These could involve visualisationtechniques, or the use of mantra recitation as an alternative object of attention.

The centrefocuses on preservation of this unique culture through various mediums. The most regular one being guided meditation. Usually they allow beginners only on Thursdays however groups of 5 -10 people on all days.

The Centrealso screens films on the subject that are welcome to all who are interested. The centrealso conducts buddhistceremonies called puja. You may participate at whatever level you feel comfortable: simply observing or reciting along with the group. Just come and see!

The location of Tushita meditation is quite central making it easily accessible to all. For more information on what Equinox India can arrange for you, phone us at 1-888-DDHRM09

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