Enigma Peru features Huacachina


Even though the world is going through difficult times now, we are confident that the future of travel is 'golden'. Once this has passed, we will live a life of gratitude as we explore Peru and its beautiful attractions, cultures & traditions. 

But for now, as we adapt to life at home, we need some inspirations to keep us connected to Peru. We want to start by highlighting the only natural desert oasis in Peru – Huacachina. 

Located in the southwest part of Peru in a small village named Ica, Huacachina is the only natural desert oasis in South America. Home to a mere 100 people, the oasis is concealed by large dunes, featuring a variety of hotels, hostels, and restaurants. It's a quiet retreat in the middle of the desert and a perfect place to relax after the pandemic.

Most people visit Huacachina to sandboard the 500-meter high sand dunes or drive buggies around the surrounding desert while witnessing one of the most stunning sunsets in Peru. 

Huacachina is one of the most amazing places to visit in Peru. To find out more information about visiting this beautiful oasis town on your #FutureEnigmaJourneys,contact us at 1-888-DDHRM09.