Enigma Peru Believes in Responsible and Sustainable Travel

Yesterday was World Tourism Day and ENIGMA recognizes that it operates within an environment, a culture and communities that are fragile and sensitive to impact. Organizing trips through Peru and some of its most spectacular remote areas gives them the chance to show this country with pride but also implies a high responsibility to be culturally sensitive and minimize any negative impact on the environment.

Their goal is to be a real help to the local communities we work with, providing income and assisting them to develop in a natural way, integrating their activities with theirs and achieving that they also benefit from the development of tourism in the country, if they so desire. With this goal, they provide positive cultural exchanges and operate in such a way that they not only maintain but also improve the care for the environment and the areas in which they operate.

Their strategy has been to integrate both responsibility and sustainability as key elements in their corporate philosophy, developing policies, guidelines and action plans that have then been passed on to all the areas and participants of their organization. They do this through trainings and constant awareness so that they ensure that the culture and the environment of the places in which they operate are respected in all phases of ENIGMA’s activities, from the first contact and design of a trip to the last step of guest feedback. It has therefore also become a key aspect in their team’s attitude, which you will be able to perceive whenever you travel with them.

In their commitment to communities and the environment, to ensure they have a lasting positive effect and that they “give something back,” their strategy has three main points of focus:

  • Responsible Operation

  • Social Commitment: focused on Children and Women of Peru, as these are the two most socially disadvantaged groups

  • Environmental Respect

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