Enigma believes that Travel has the Potential to Change Your Life.

ENIGMA rises to the responsibility as travel specialists by focusing on each guest individually. Whether you seek a profound encounter with ancient history, untouched nature, vibrant culture or a unique combination of all Peru has to offer, we honor and enhance the particular allure Peru holds for you.

Once we work with you to define your trip goals, we then take care of all the essential details, from flawless logistics, specialized equipment and exceptional field service to carefully chosen lodgings, delectable food and wine, plus a thoughtful program of meaningful encounters along the way.

ENIGMA was founded in Cusco in 2002 as an adventure travel and trekking specialist. We soon became recommended in the main travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Footprint and Moon Travel Guide, among others. At the same time, we became one of the most reputable trekking operators for highly prestigious worldwide travel agents and professionals.

We lead a varied portfolio of treks and expeditions from the world-famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to breathtaking, not published, remote routes rarely trodden by humankind. We wholeheartedly serve our diverse clientele, from hardcore adventurers seeking out local flavors and accommodations to the bespoke traveler whom we happily indulge with our gourmet menus and luxury tents in the shadow of the magnificent Andes.

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