Embrace the Magic of Spain in the Fall

Who can resist the magic of getting deep inside a forest in autumn? It is a symphony of senses: incredible colors, the smell of yellow leaves, and the silence when nature gets asleep to prepare for winter.

One of the parks to explore is Val d’Aran, The chromatic explosion that occurs in Aranese forests with the arrival of autumn gives us some of the most magnificent and idyllic landscapes that can be enjoyed in the Valley. The environment becomes reddish, scarlet, ochre and gold because of the abundant deciduous species such as beech and oak trees, while the peaks of the mountains begin to dye white with the first snows.

Clear and sunny days are especially nice to enjoy nature in the autumn light and the picturesque Aran villages and churches of Romanesque Route de l’Aran. For more chilly moments we suggest visit museums, go the shopping route from the Val d’Aran and, of course, taste the comforting native cuisine.

It’s worth taking the opportunity to profit the last months of Aran Park, open until November. In this wildlife park you can observe the animals of the Pyrenees in their natural habitat and in semi freedom. Autumn is the rutting of deer, indicating the start of the breeding period. Males scratching and digging the ground, rubbed with trees and emit a short, hoarse cry and repetitive. Its horns reach the maximum size and some, such as chamois or roe deer, change the color of their coats.

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