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E-bike tour through Penedès wine region

The wine country of Penedès, located less than an hour from Barcelona is one of the most exciting wine regions in Spain and a visit here is a must for wine lovers staying in the city. A wide range of wine styles are produced here including the Traditional Method (sparkling) white and rose Cava, dry reds, dry whites, and dessert whites. There are many internationally famous brands and important wineries located in the Penedès. Enjoy a challenging e-bike tour among the vineyards of Penedès accompanied by a local guide, with explanations to know the tasks of the vineyard, vegetative cycle, Phylloxera, organic farming... Finally visitat an organic winery where you will know the process of making wine and Cava to finish with a tasting of their best products.

Ebike tour around the Penedès vineyards

The Nadal family which founded the Finca Can Nadal winery in Boadella has a tradition of winemaking that dates back to the sixteenth century when Pere Nadal founded a vineyard. In the twentieth century, in 1941, Ramón Nadal Giró founded the Nadal winery with new facilities for winemaking and more land for grape cultivation. This expansion was somewhat limited due to the vast land demand that surged the region at this time sometimes referred toas the “land grab”. Today, in their ancestral home, the Nadal cellar and their cellars are surrounded by over 40 hectares of this winery’s own grapevines. This winery cultivated the

grapes for theircavas, white wines, and dessert wineswith the native what grape varietals Xarel·lo, Macabeo and Parellada. These grapevines are very old and produce extremely high quality grapes. The Cavas Nadal winery also cultivated the red grape varietal Pinot Noir for the use in their wines blends and rosé cavas. The visit in Nadal Cellar starts with a visit to the cellar at a depth of more than 20 m. You will see the bottles resting and witness the second fermentation as well as tasting the best Nadal products. An activity designed especially for sharing a Mediterranean meal with a group of friends or colleagues. You will taste some of the most typical dishes of the area: bread with tomato, sausage, selection of cheeses, olives, omelettes, etc... all paired with our Nadal X Blanc and Nadal Brut Nature GR 2012. Everything is prepared as a picnic to enjoy in the space around the fountain.

Interior of the Nadal cellar

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