Discover Mykonos with Eclectic Greece

INTRODUCTION Mykonos is one of Greece’s most popular destinations, and for good reason.  This small Cycladic island with its characteristic architecture and windmills, its beautiful beaches, and its famous windmills, has been a favorite of the global jet set since the 60s and the flamboyant gay community since the 70s.  The Windy Island as it’s known in Greece continues to be a favorite destination for all those looking for the quintessential Greek island experience.

HISTORY Although the island has developed a reputation for partying jet setters and playful gay couples, it is the island’s proximity to Delos that jumpstarted its importance as a destination in the 1950s.  The extensive excavations on the island have shown that Delos has been inhabited as far back as 3000 B.C.  During the Golden Age of Athens, the island was considered to be holly, while Athens stored its gold reserve there.  Definitely take the time for a private yacht tour with a guide for one day of culture during your stay in Mykonos.

ACCOMMODATION Mykonos has a plethora of five star properties for all tastes and budgets.  Only a few of these hotels though meet our strict criteria for sending our guests there.  Still we have made sure that our suggestions cover the spectrum of what our guests are looking for:  a beach hotel with private beach, a beach hotel with cosmopolitan beach, a boutique uber-design hotel, a posh hotel located in town, and even an exclusive gay friendly property.  We like to think we have it all covered, and for our very VIP guests we suggest private luxury villas offered by our sister company Domus Philosophy.

DINING The dining experience in Mykonos has nothing to envy from other global destinations.  It really offers the visitor a gamut of fine dining experiences whether you are looking to have some sashimi at Matsuhisa Mykonos, some seafood at local-global brand Nammos, or some local delicacies at Nikolas Tavern at Agia Anna beach.  The difficult part is not to know where to eat as much as securing tables at these establishments even in the peak season of August.  Leave this up to us, and choose a different restaurant to experience every night, our short list of suggestions is really the best of the best.

NIGHTLIFE There is no other island or destination in Greece that can compete with Mykonian nightlife.  From the many bars along the famous Little Venice and Matogianna street, to the famous beach clubs and after-hour clubs, to the quiet piano cocktail bars, and the fun gay bars, you will not be bored for a single second.  The challenge is always waking up the next day and making it to the beach in time to work on your tan before the afternoon party scene of the beach bars.


Shopping along Matogianna Street offers visitors the opportunity to indulge in some of their favorite international luxury brands in a place that feels that Picasso painted.  How fitting!Charter a luxury yacht for the day to cruise around the various beaches of the island or head to one of the nearby islands.Private cruise and guided tour to Delos.Spend the day in one of the luxury Spas located in the island’s hotels.  Don’t worry we’ll tip you of on which Spa this is even if you are not staying there.Enjoy some watersports at one of the many beaches that offer everything from jet skis to canoes and even windsurfing.