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Dare to Explores modern new look!

From our DMC partner @dare_2_explore A fresh wind, a new dawn and a promise of the day to come.

A fresh, post-pandemic wind is blowing through Africa; a wind of health and hope, a wind of change and growth. Africa is once again on everyone's radar and back at the top of their bucket list.

And we are humming with queries and requests, as busy as ever doing what we love, designing amazing bespoke journeys, as guests from all corners of the world start to pour back onto the continent.

In celebration of this, we have taken on a modern new look too. Inspired by the freshness and crispness of the bush at dawn, our new livery feathers a cleaner and simpler take on our familiar mask, now with a radiant crown representing the sun's first rays breaking through the thicket. With a palette of rich green, muted sage and a pop of gold, it whispers of stillness, anticipation, and the promise of the day to come.

We invite you to explore our pages and enjoy the new look and feel, as you imagine your own African dawn, the promise of your own incredible journey ... and you dare to explore once more.


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