Culinary Experiences with Destination Spain and Portugal

Galicia is renowned for its food, with well-known recipes like pulpo á feira (octopus), but you can also try culinary experiences that are unique to the region, such as the ritual before drinking the famous queimada, dining in a pazo or country mansion, or seeing how the percebeiros gather shellfish on the shore, all curated by Destination Spain and Portugal. Foodie travelers will love this!

Dining in a furancho, a pazo or a watermill If you like a cozy family atmosphere where you eat, you’ll like the experience of going to a furancho - small bars or wine stores on the ground floor of private houses, offering wine straight from the barrel, and homemade food like squid pie, ham, or omelettes... Another unique experience is eating in a restored watermill, like the ones in Meaño, over 200 years old, set in landscapes of stunning natural beauty. And you shouldn’t miss the quintessential lodgings of Galicia: the imposing pazos. These are historic country houses set in wonderful gardens, and many of them include a restaurant.

Out for tapas and wines in the old town centers Taking a walk around the historic town centre of Ourense, Pontevedra, A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela or Vigo is a pleasure for all the senses. In these old-fashioned streets, at every turn you find traditional taverns offering the finest tapas. Some of the districts are famous, such as the market of A Pedra in Vigo, and its oyster bars. But the best idea is to ask about the local speciality in each place, and find a sunny pavement café where you can try it. Alternatively, a lot of people like to visit local markets like the Mercado de Abastos in Santiago de Compostela where you can buy something and have it cooked for you on the spot.

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