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COLONIA GÜELL with Destination Spain

Time to visit the Modernism Heritage! One of the greatest treasure this city can offer to you. We propose you a half-day morning private guided tour to visit two of the masterworks of Modernism architecture, by Gaudi architect: Sagrada Familia temple, Park Güell.

COLONIA GÜELL It is an industrial town (30min south of Barcelona), created by Count Güell (Gaudi’s main sponsor) around a textile factory. The Colònia is a complete town: the factory, the houses of the workers, the house of the factory’s general manager, the school, the civil center and, of course, the church. Most of the houses are still inhabited by descendants of the initial workers.

The entire town was conceived by Gaudí, and among all buildings, the special one is the church, known as the Cripta Güell since is an unfinished church with only the crypt completed.

This crypt was the place where Gaudi tested all his architectural techniques that he then applied to Sagrada Familia, his masterwork. Therefore, it is essential to know the crypt before discovering the Sagrada Familia.

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