Colca Canyon with Enigma Peru


Located about 4-hour drive from Arequipa, the Colca region boasts impressive landscapes, rural culture, history, and the Andean condors. The Mirador Cruz del Condor (Condor Cross) is the famed viewpoint of the Colca Canyon at an elevation of 2.39m (10,784ft). It situated on the left side of the canyon, featuring breathtaking scenery. The viewpoint is about 1200m (3937ft) deep, dropping to the river below. 

The Andean condors are native to the mountains of South America, and they can be spotted across the continent. However, the Colca Canyon is arguably the best place to see these wonderfully large species in Peru.

The viewpoint was named Cruz de Condor due to the majestic flyovers presented by the famous Andean birds in the morning hours, and the stone cross built overtop an unusual stone cliff in the area. 

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