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Catch you in Corfu with Eclectic Greece

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

INTRODUCTION Located in the Ionian Sea across the coast of Albania, and looking towards Italy, Corfu is one of Greece’s top holiday destinations.  A favorite of families but not only Corfu has something for everyone.  From its pristine beaches to more than 100 villages and settlements dispersed all over the island’s lush landscape.  The Venetian influence is seen everywhere from the island’s architecture, its cuisine to its love for the arts.  Corfu is one of those places that you will not visit just once.

HISTORY Corfu’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and you will fall in love with it.  The town’s architecture had Venetian, French and British influences mirroring its history.  Several architectural gems including Spianada Square, the largest in the Balkans, and the Liston promenade and many other Venetian influenced austere buildings and grand palaces make it the only Renaissance city in Greece.  Also visit the impressive 15th century Old Fortress and take in the view from Kanoni and don’t miss the city’s cathedral.  Then venture out of town to visit Achillieon Palace built by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Mon Repos palace built by the British Commissioner Adams.   Corfu is many ways is very unique in Greece as it resembles more Genoa or Naples than any other Greek city.  Interestingly enough the island never fell under Ottoman rule.

CULTURE & ART Corfu is famous for its love of music.  The Philharmonic Orchestra in Greece and the first School of Fine Arts in Greece were founded here in the 19th century.  Still to this day locals have a penchant to music, theater, and poetry.  Outdoor concerts and plays are quite common during the summer months.  Easter is also a great time to visit the island and a unique opportunity completely different from anywhere else in Greece.  Here Easter is celebrated by combining religion, pagan traditions, the local Saint Spyridon, philharmonics and Venetian culture all in one.  Make sure to not miss on Holy Saturday the throwing of the ceramic pots to oust the evil spirits.

ACCOMMODATION While the island is big and it’s quite developed, many of its hotels are out dated and old.  Therefore, we only recommend a handful of properties on the island including a luxury resort, a couple of boutique hotels in the Old Town, as well as a handful of the island’s most exclusive private villas perfect for big families vacations, celebrations or reunions.

DINING & NIGHTLIFE We recommend a small selection of the finest restaurants around Corfu serving up local specialties such as pastitsada (veal or rooster with pasta), sofrito (veal casserole with white wine and garlic), bourtheto (scorpion fish in a spicy tomato sauce).  As anywhere else in Greece seafood is delicious here, but it’s better to venture out of town to find some of the better restaurants.  Corfu is also home to one of Greece’s top restaurants which must not be missed by anyone visiting the island serving local contemporary and Mediterranean cuisine.


Take a private yacht cruise to the sleepy virgin islands of Paxoi.Venture north to Kassiopi and the unique sandstone landscape of Sidari.  Don’t’ miss swimming at the Canal d’Amour.Visit the famous resort town of Palaiokastritsa for its beaches and cosmopolitan lifestyle.Visit the village of Kinopiastes with its old mansions in pastel colors, the Philharmonic, the cathedral in its main square and the Olive Museum. /* */. For more information on this and other destinations in Greece contact us at 1-888-DDHRM09.

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