Brazil Safari Company - Fernando de Noronha

Located 340 kilometers from the coast (approx. 210 miles), the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha consists of 21 islands and islets of volcanic origin. The only island open for tourism bears the same name as the whole archipelago and makes up 91% of the total area. The islands of this archipelago are the visible parts of a range of submerged mountains. The main island has an area of 18 km² and is 10 km long and 3.5 km wide. The base of this enormous volcanic formation is 756 meters below the surface. The islands have two endemic birds; the Noronha Elaenia and the Noronha Vireo. Both are present on the main island. In addition there is an endemic race of Eared Dove. The life above and below sea however, is the main attraction of the island.

Whether enjoyed from the Inner Sea (facing Brazil) or the Outer Sea (facing Africa), the island is a collection of inspiring sights. Its clear and warm waters are the nursery and home to a large number of fauna; colorful fish, birds, coral reefs, sea turtles and cetaceans (most common among these are Spinner Dolphin and Humpback Whale, followed by many others such as Pantropical Spotted Dolphin, Short-finned Pilot Whale and Melon-headed Whale). Fernando de Noronha has been a national marine park since 1988, is also a designated World Heritage Site and a point of national pride. There are a host of different activities including guided snorkeling, a boat excursion to see the resident pod of Spinner Dolphins, SCUBA diving (be sure to bring along your certification), surfing to name a few – or simply take some time to relax on the gorgeous sandy beaches.

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