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Baeza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Baeza is a charming town with an incredible Renaissance heritage, whose most valuable treasures are gathered around the cathedral, a markedly Plateresque building. In its diamond-shaped points, flower ornamentation, braids and pinnacles we see an artistic trend unique in all of Europe. And you will stop before the facades of the Palace of Jabalquinto and the Seminary of San Felipe Neri because of their beauty. The Plaza del Pópulo, formed by the Casa del Pópulo and the Fuente de los Leones fountain, should not be missed, nor the old abattoir. Many other palaces and ancestral homes will guide you through this town, birthplace of nobles and aristocrats.

The popularity of this region (“La Loma”) with tourists has meant the creation of an excellent hotel infrastructure. Three and four star hotels compete in quality and comfort with the Úbeda Parador Hotel. This 16th century Renaissance palace (called “Palacio del Condestable Dávalos”), offers comfortable, welcoming rooms and a restaurant specializing in Jaen’s regional gastronomy.

Olive oil with the designation of origin from the nearby Sierra Mágina Mountains, is a vital ingredient in casseroles and salads such as andrajos (stew with dumplings) and pipirrana (cold tomato dish), typical of Úbeda. Baeza’s specialty is peppers stuffed with partridge and stewed kid with pine nuts. Confectionery includes ochios (flour and anisette tarts), walnut tarts and preserves. As if culture and gastronomy were not enough to satisfy you, nearby Canena makes all of its spa facilities available as well: Muds, clays, shiatsu and massage are a few of the treatments you will find here.

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