Agra, Private Balcony Dining at The Oberoi Amarvilās with Equinox India

Agra, Private Balcony Dining at The Oberoi Amarvilās

Treat the one you love to a romantic dinner set with flowers and candles, on the private balcony of your room. Enjoy breathtaking views of our exquisitely landscaped gardens, cascading water bodies and the unmistakable silhouette of the Taj Mahal, while dining on the finest handcrafted cuisine, served by your personal butler.

A Royal Indian thali perfectly complements this private balcony dining experience and can be specially crafted by our masterchefs to suit your taste and dietary restrictions. You may also choose from the delicacies offered on our international restaurant menus, or consult our chef to design a bespoke menu.

For in-house guests only produced by Equinox India. For more information phone 1-888-DDHMR09




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