Adventures with Travel Wild Africa Trekking and Rafting


Ready for a more physically demanding adventure? Journey to the summits of Africa's tallest mountains. Porters are provided for the transportation of your clothes and equipment. No technical climbing is required, but the treks are both physically and mentally demanding.

Treks to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m) and Mt Kenya (5,199) take you through a variety of ecosystems, including forests, woodlands, grasslands, deserts and glaciers. Abundant wildlife and plant life can be found at the bases of both mountains, while the summits feature freezing temperatures and amazing views. Trekkers will want to bring multiple layers of clothing, boots, gloves, balaclavas, and jackets. All climbing gear can be rented at the base of each mountain.


This adventure combines the tranquil wilderness and wildlife of Kenya with the roaring excitement of white-water rafting. Raft through jungles and race down-river as you check out the many animals in and around the water. The Athi River in central Kenya features Class II, III, and IV rapids that will tame any thrill-seekers lust for adventure. The Tana River to the north also features Class III and IV rapids with plenty of surprises. Giraffe, elephant, buffalo, monkeys and baboons frequent the banks of both rivers, providing excellent early morning game viewing right from your tent!

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