Add some SPICE to your adventure and visit the capital Stone Town in Zanzibar

Zanzibar was an Arab trading post for centuries, this island combines Swahili and Arab culture in a very unique way. A beautiful island in the Indian Ocean

Visit a spice plantation to view and taste the many spices and fruits available. Spices include cloves, nut meg, lipstick, iodine plant, lemon grass, vanilla, henna & more. Fruits include jack fruit, rambutan, oranges, custard apple, guava, mango, papaya, bungo & many more.

Spices and herbs were originally introduced to Zanzibar by Portuguese traders in the 16th century.

The capital city of Zanzibar, Stone Town boasts centuries of history. Winding, narrow streets lead to markets, souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and more. Historical sites include: the Tip Tip House, the Old Fort, the Peoples Palace, the House of Wonders, the Kidichi Persian Baths and Dr. Livingston's House.

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