A date with Royalty with Equinox India

Stay at an Island Palace and dine exclusively inside the Royal City Palace! Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities of Rajasthan and in the heart of this idyllic town is the legendary Taj Lake Palace. Built as a pleasure palace in 1746 the palace continues to be an abode that provides one with all gourmand pleasures that takes you back to an era of excess.. A vintage car takes you to the City Palace that will be exclusively opened for a private viewing with the curator of the museum. The museum is open for public only in the day for public but this evening you will exclusively visit the palace and get a glimpse of what the royal guests experienced in the hey days of the Princely Udaipur.

As is the tradition in India you cannot leave the home of King without a meal fit for a king!

Dine in the middle of the city palace the same location that was used by the erstwhile rulers to host their guests. Enjoy the traditional setting of this area. This was the only area in the palace where men and women from the royal families could mingle with each other in an otherwise curtailed off world. The richly decorated balcony with delicate glass inlay work, three imposing peacocks created with blue glass and mirrors, and the ornate pillars make this Chowk a unique landmark. You will be accompanied by palace guards in their traditional uniforms. The official Udaipur Military band to mar your arrival. Fire torches to light your way and floor designs called Rangolis will welcome you. A shower of rosepetals will mark your entry. And whats more, official permission from the King himself to dine at his palace!

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