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CEO & Founder

Awarded a Conde Nast Top Travel Specialists, David Lee established the company in 2011 to serve culturally curious travelers' desires, focusing on entirely custom itineraries that marry the interests and preferred travel pacing of its high net-worth clientele with insider access to unique and meaningful experiences.

Cultural Cuba has established high-level connections within Cuban society; artists, musicians, historians, university professors, designers, and diplomats which enables the on-the-ground teams in both Havana and Orlando to provide one-of-a-kind experiences with exclusive access. Cultural Cuba's dynamic bilingual guides, considered the best in the business and with years of expertise, adeptly navigate the ever-changing landscape of possibilities and preferences.



  • Immersive and flexible custom-curated itineraries

  • Exclusive Cultural Cuba insider access and experiences

  • All visas and Support for the Cuban People OFAC compliant paperwork

  • Worry-free Booking including trip cancellation insurance

  • High level connections within Cuba’s dynamic cultural scene

  • Centrally-located Havana luxury hotel accommodations

  • 100% dedicated Cuba focus with offices in the US and Havana

  • Cultural Cuba is a dedicated partner to luxury travel advisors


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